One of Tanzania’s most rewarding mountain treks is also one of its least known. The volcanic Mt Hanang (3420 m) above the sea level.Tanzania’s fourth-highest mountain, rises steeply above the surrounding plains between Babati and Singida, and you’ll probably be the only climber on the satisfying trek to the summit. The mountain is a great option for climbers on a budget.

The principal path to the summit starts in the town ofKatesh. The climb can be done in one day (10 hours), but it is also common for climbers to spend one night in a tented camp on the mountain and reach the summit on the second day.

The Hanang district is inhabited by two major ethnic groups, namely the Barbaig and the Iraqw and both have rich and interesting cultures. The Barbaig women are usually clad in goatskin skirts and cotton blanket. Men are usually dressed in black cloth, and walk about carrying spears. The Iraqw people are usually attire in colorful cotton blankets.

The main economic activities in Hanang district is subsistence and commercial farming. This is predominantly practiced by the Iraqw. The Barbaigs are predominantly pastoralists. The Iraqw also keep livestock though they are not highly dependent on them as the Barbaigs.

If you are interested in bird watching, over 400 species will welcome you on your walks in the area.

Mount Hanang can be climbed in one day (6 hours up and 4 hours down) or can be taken as a 2-day trek.

Katesh Route

The shortest and most popular ascent is the Katesh Route. From Katesh up the south-western ridge takes 5 to 6 hours to summit followed by a 3 to 4 hour descent. If you wish you can camp overnight at 3,000m and descent the following day.

Ngendabi Route

To vary the scenery, descending via the Ngendabi Route is recommended, or alternatively ascending along it and descending to Katesh. The route starts 16km northwest from Katesh at Ngendabi Village.

Giting Route

The main alternative to the Katesh and Ngendabi Routes is the Giting Route, from Giting village on the northeast side of the mountain.

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