Tanzania as a great draw of Africa the legendry  Serengeti the oldest national park located in Mara region. Famous for abundant of wildlife and superb action and adventure-and all of this is a setting of sunburnt and lush plains, backedropped by towering mountains. Every year like clockwork migration of over 1.5 million white bearded  wildebeest and over 250,000 zebra. follow their hard-wired natural instinct and risk their lives many do make it to travel enormous distance in search of lush green grass and fresh water. This great migration is a rhythmic drumbeat moving across the land an inescapable cycle of survival, surrender and rebirth, the migration is year around event the animal move in large circle every year. There are four distinct phases the mating season, also known as rut, the calving or birthing season in the southern Serengeti, the high dangerous crossing of the Mara River heading north to Kenya and Maasai Mara. And what we like to call “chill out” time , when the animal stay at home to rest up and roam the Serengeti before beginning the cycle again. The migration involves great heard of wildebeest, joined by Zebra, gazelle, impala and other animal. they won’t be left alone though, especially as they cross the treacherous Mara River. Lion, Leopard and cheetah will follow them and stacked claim to their share of spoil. Crocodile will potentially wait hidden among the wet rock of the river. Popular resident wildlife big five such lion, elephant, leopard, African buffaloes, rhinoceros mostly and many other resident animal as topi, eland, hyena, Africa wild dog, gazelle, cheetah, waterbuck baboons, and giraffes. Its also refuge of 500 bird species.

Sample itineraries

Great view of the common animal such as Elephant, Leopard, Lion, Giraffe, Zebra, Impala, Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Gazelle, Lesser kudu, Oryx, Gerenuk,

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